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[Big Dig 1.3.4][Pvp][15 Slots][27/7][Open]

Wyatt Selander

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No rules except respect each other, this is a raiding survival server so protect your stuff!

No mods are removed.

Only banned items are camo blocks placed on non vanilla blocks because a glitch in the game causes servers to crash if placed on non vanilla blocks.

No plugins at this time.

A new dedicated server that has 15 slots that about half full at most times during the day.

The up time is always 24/7 unless a restart is needed or the server goes down while i'm away and unaware of it. Go ahead and post here to let me know if it does.

Our community is a nice collection of anyone who likes being able to do whatever whenever but like working together to stand up against other groups of people.

No white list.

Had some pictures of the admins super secret advanced base, but it appears they have been lost! ;)

Please donate it helps the server grow by adding more ram and more slots so even more people can play together!

<a href="https://secure.multiplay.co.uk/clanpay/contribute?clanid=T1dNNU9XSTNPR009Yjc4YzQ=">Please support our server! Contribute towards our Multiplay game server with Clan-Pay!</a>

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