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[1.1.4 LATEST]CyroVoltz[PvP/Raiding/Griefing][100][no whitelist] -- Socket before you rocket!


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The Cyrotek Voltz server is part of a large community of servers, Currently the Cyrotek community is only running 3 servers, A tekkit classic server, A tekkit main server and this here voltz server but soon to be more. Over a month of planning has gone into our server to make sure it is the very best experience you could possibly have. But as presumed, The voltz server is in open beta and subject to mass change. This server is completely 24/7 but do expect crashes as the server is still in beta and there will be some bugs but until then come join and have fun!


Some of the rules that operate on our server include the following, And only because we want the server to stay online and stay the best experience there is around.

1) Don't Abuse Staff

2) Don't Abuse any glitches/bugs in the game

3) Any bugs in the game must be reported to a member of staff immediately.

4) Don't even try to grief spawn. (It's protected against missiles)

5) No discrimination of any kind.

6) Don't ask the time/weather/op/items/ranks

7) Please don't advertise other servers, It gives that owner a bad reputation.

8) Don't Spam Chat, It's Annoying

9) Don't CAPS in chat, Like I said, It's annoying.


Currently we have only a few banned items, Due to the fact there are glitches/bugs/exploits/dupes in the game. And like I mentioned in the server information that things are subject to change. So items may or may not be un-banned. But anyway, Here is our current list of banned items:

Weather Orb: Changes the weather and becomes highly buggy

Steve's Stopwatch: Changes the time of day, We all know why that would be banned SPAMMM

Crates: Makes the user crash on login next to one

Contagious Missile It bypasses Grief protection like factions

Red Matter Missile: I'm not even going to explain why this is banned.

TinkerTable: Yes i know you need this item, It has a dupe which i'm going to fix.

Power tool: Incredibly OP and bypasses grief protection.

Train dispensers: Dupe

ArmBot: Has mahusive dupe.

Manipulator: Bugs the hell out of the server

Encoder: Same as the above

Theoretical Elementizer: same as above

Atomic Disassembler: Bypasses spawn protection

Quantum Battery Box: Crashes Server

Red Matter Explosives: >_>

Chemical Grenade: No way to block in spawn


A list of plugins we have on our server to protect the server and make sure it stays fun! And just as I said in the server information not all of them will stay and more might be added. Everything is subject to change.

Factions : A Rpg plugin to protect your house

Chest Shop : To buy and sell items to gain money

Essentials : Has all of the essentials commands a server needs such as /sethome or /tpa

Clean Chat : To keep the spammers at bay

Multi-Verse : For our multi-world mini-games! (Not yet released)

PvP Arena: To Battle to the death to win awesome prizes (Not Yet Released)



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