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[1.3.12]GunnarCraft Big Dig|24/7|No Dim Creation|Build World|Factions World|Updated!

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(Ignore the Yogpack bit, We just changed over to Big Dig from Yogcraft)

Welcome to the Technic Platform Forum Page of Gunnarcraft for Big Dig.

IP -

For more details see the website:

Myst/Dimentional Door Dimentions Enabled but Uncraftable.

Separate Factions World where Raid/Greif/Explosives Allowed.

KeepInventory Active in the Build World.



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Ok, so we got that Ip already bind to a server message again. So we had them get use a new ip. Which is

Anything you do on the current server happens on this server. So please join this ip.

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Hi Guys,

Timmy Here!

I have pushed in the config for greifprevention which will mean that every block in the game shud be protected against Access, Container and Explosion in Claims. I believe it should have worked but I need people to test and confirm for me.

First Person to Confirm this correctly gets a HV Capacitor :D or more... or less..

I dunno we'll see.



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Several people were trying to play about 20 minutes ago and we were all having a lot of lag. I, for one, couldn't break any blocks...but I was close to spawn, so that explains that. I was also unable to get far from spawn as it would teleport me back a few minutes every now and then. Then the server crashed and I am unable to connect. Thought you'd like to know.

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