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SettleCraft is an PvP server with many mods including traincraft, forestry/extrabees, and Immibis' peripherals to name a few. We also have bukkit installed for area protection, economy plugins and anti-grief protection.We encourage players to make suggestions on what they want to see on the server.


As a new server we're are still constructing the server buildings and editing the forums

[How greylisting works]

With Greylisting you can play rightaway. As a new player you can move around the main city, get an apartment to store your stuff and access resource worlds. Once a Member you can leave the city and get a 200x200 area.To become a member of the server you most prove knowlegde in server rules and mods. Be sure to read the beginners guilde on the wiki

[server uptime and maintenance]

We would like to say 24/7 uptime but we are not going to lie. There are server restarts at 12 noon and 12 midnight mst everyday. As well as upgrading the server. Upgrade should take about 5 to 10 minutes if everything goes smoothly. To keep down times low we have a test server that we just move mods/plugin over without effecting the server majorly. If we install a mod that add a new ore the resource world gets reset.

[Wiki and server addresses]

Server address and forums is http://www.settlecraft.com

The Modpack can be located at http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/settlecraft.88976

Server info and rules can be found at http://www.settlecraft.wikia.com

[some of the plugins]

- mobarena

- iconomy

- signshop

- assassins

- worldguard

- mobbounty

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