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[3.1.2] KingdomReborn Tekkit Server [PVE/Skills/GP/Economy/EE Enabled/Most unbanned items!]


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Welcome to Kingdom Reborn

Ip: Tekkit.kingdomreborn.net


No Griefing

We allow freedom of speech so don't abuse it

Have fun

About the Server:

Kingdom Reborn Is a 24/7 PVE tekkit server that has a strong policy against griefs and exploits. We shoot for an economy driven town-structure. Including, Chestshops and In-game currency.

Kingdom Reborn friendly knowledge staff stand on post ready for your questions and concerns. We aim for providing the next best possible experience for our players.

Join today and experience Tekkit at it's finest!


Kingdom Reborn staff has extensive knowledge in the technical field allows for premium server performance with minimal lag. Our staff and players suggests our movements with plugins and gameplay. The list below shows our current plugins.

Grief Prevention, Coreprotect, Choptree2, LWC, Chestshop, Essentials.

We also have many donation packages for you to choose from to not only get cool rewards, it also helps the server.

Banned Items:

1. Use Of Philosipher's Stone right click ability

2. TNT, I TNT, Dynamite and Nukes

3. All Catalyst's And Lens

4. All Rings except Swiftwolf's Rending Gale

5. World Anchors and Teleport Tethers

6. Red Matter furnace

7. Water strainer

8. Block breakers

9. Teleport pipes and Tank carts

10. Tunnel bore

11. All of Balkon weapon mod

12. EE gems and amulets except gem of Eternal Density, Soul Stone, &Mind Stone

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It's not false advertisement "Rules:

No Griefing

We allow freedom of speech so don't abuse it

Have fun" when it says don't abuse that means you can't be coming onto and cussing out people

you shouldn't be able to interpret a rule in more than one way.

Rules need to be modified

I do NOT recommend this server

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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