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I'm trying to get a Tekkit Lite server up and running in a MultiCraft environment. I was sure I'd done everything correct (not much too it really) however when I try to connect to the server from MineCraft it won't let me. The connection status bar is red with a 1.3 against it and when I hover over the connection bars it says "server out of date"?

I downloaded the latest Tekkit lite server v 0.6.5 (no extra mods or plugins) from technic today and i'm using a recent Launcher Build 246. Which loads into Minecraft version 1.4.7. I thought 0.6.5 was supposed to work with 1.4.7 not 1.3?

Does anyone have any suggestions of things I can try? Any helps would be very much appreciated.

** Running the server locally on my machine with the same files works fine, I guess it's something with MultiCraft?

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