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BigDig Modpack Builder

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Hi all

Modpack: I would just like to say a big thank you to the guys who have created this modpack. I have been reading over some of the forums and i can tell that the guys who maintain the BigDig modpack are always trying to fix as many bugs as possible and keep it up to date with the Mod's themselves. I am really glad to see people with a positive attitude and knowledge about modpacks to share there experience with the mods and actually try to talk to the players. People like Direwolf and the FTB team are not really bothered about talking to people like us because they have there noses to far up there ass.

Servers: I agree the ore generation is a bit 'cheaty' but who cares, we are here to have fun and play the game. I have joined a few servers and noticed allot of stuff is nerfed to donater ranks. I can understand why people do this because servers are not cheap to keep up and running over a long period of time. However I run a few servers and i play the game in survival mode and only a few items are completely banned like destructive missiles. You are free and welcome to join. Just visit my youtube page for more upto date info and Ip addresses www.youtube.com/darkalliesgaming so more of us can play together without having to pay for everything

If you are planning to create your own server with this modpack i am happy to help anyone. I am 29 yrs old with lots of experience in computers and minecraft. I don't spend all day reading forums as i am human lol so if you would like an chat, me and my friends are normally on teamspeak and willing to help. Teamspeak ip: but please for love of god don't annoy people

Many thanks for reading as I just wanted to get some 'shoutouts' about this pack and the creators (and of course to mod builder's themselves) and wanted to offer help if you need any

Modpack creater: CanVox MANY THANKS DUDE!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Luke (aka PukeyLukey69)

D|A Gaming

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