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Texturepacks doesn´t load


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Hey community,

I have a problem. My texturepacks doesn´t load ingame, i installed them to the folder /bigdig/texturepacks as .zip files like every time. they are showed ingame in the option but they doesn´t change the textures ingame. I installed optifine ultra D3 for 1.5.2 but the same problem.

Texturepacks are 32x32 and 2 64x64 (sphax and NPsmooth) META-INF folder in modpack.zip is deleted. I hope you can help me :( sry for the bad english i´m from Ger.^^

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I have put a Sphax texture pack together for you to download here, tried and tested by me and 2 others. its not 100% complete yet but it works great for now. If you continue with problems, I recommend deleting your whole bigdig folder and starting again. Remember optifine goes into modpack.jar inside the .bin folder

Its 64x64


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