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[1.0.6] BikeyCraft [15 Slots] [PvE] [Essentials, Group Manager]

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Server Website: HERE

Hello, I am Warnerm14 the owner of BikeyCraft. BikeyCraftis my tekkit server that is

24/7 and lag free. We enjoy to have the company of people from everywhere in the world and

all types of people. When you join you will be given a free starter kit that includes

items that will help you get started on the server. We want players that will play

and have fun playing not people that cheat! You are free to explore the world of LathanaCraft as you wish! No one will stop you and nobody can kill you cause there isn't PvP! So join my server today and talk with me and the other amazing staff members on BikeyCraft. IP ABOVE



1. No Griefing

2. No Stealing

3. No Racist Comments/Skins

4. No Advertiseing

5. No Spamming

6. No Swearing

7. No X-Ray Texture Pack [NO CHEATING]

8. PvP Is Off

9. Do Not Be Annoying

10. Use Common Sense

11. English Only

12. Respect All Staff And Members

13. Cool Signs Are Drop Parties Are For The Owner Only

14. The Owner MUST Check All Reactors


Plugins: Essentials, Core Protect, Group Manager

Uptime: 24/7 Unless it crashes

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