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Ever wanted to play on a server and be able to build whatever you want, wherever you want, without anyone telling you where and what to build?

That is what we offer.

Swaqqcraft is the all in one server, for everyones minecraft needs.

You can build houses alone in the desert and stay there forever. You can build giant bases and launch missiles at your enemies. Or build cities with your friends and have farms and houses and a peaceful life.

Whatever you want to do, you can do here.

Featuring a safe spawn world, you start in the town of Swaqq. You can go straight to one of the PVP or noPVP worlds, or you can stop by the stores and equip yourself with tools from one of the many mods Big Dig has to offer. Or you can use the complimentary nether portal and make a living there.

With a sense of community no other server can offer, you dont have to worry about joining and trying to fit in with the crowd and trying to figure out who's who. There are no ranks, no elite clubs, no pay to gain titles, nothing. Theres the owner, and then theres you. And we are all one in the same. You can be sure to get a friend and have this server feel like home.

Swaqqcraft features mods like Factions, mcMMO, Essentials, and the Big Dig plugin.

To join the server, download the Technic Pack, and log in using the Big Dig plugin. The rest is easy.

Server: swaqq.g.akliz.net

Comment for any questions regarding the server.


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