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[1.5.2]AdventureRealm[PvE] [20slots] [Ultimate Survival]

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Our Platform Page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/adventure-realm-plus.108468

Our Website: AdventureRealm.Org

Server Rules:

-No Griefing

-No Stealing

-No PvP

-No Drama


Adventure Realm: USE [ultimate Survival Experience] is a modpack that was created with the thought of expanding the vanilla MC experience while still remaining true to minecraft cores and ever more important remain simple and fun to play [somthing the Vanilla MC did very well],so don't expect machines and tech styled gameplay. The modpack was also designed with exploration in mind giving players the incentive to go out and venture into a thriving world filled with new ores, mobs and experiences! The server hosting this modpack will be up 24/7

Community Goals:

Currently AR: USE has NO community }: This is because this server is new along with the modpack itself. However we do have a few people that come on from our overall Minecraft Community! Hence the fact I am posting this advertisement! Mature Players Only Please


Currently this server has no form of whitelist or greylists, this is because the modpack was designed with SMP in mind, which means we dont have items and such that need to be banned to prevent griefs and things of that nature.

Server IPS: IPs Come Preloaded In The Modpack! Just Hit Multiplayer And Join TOP Server!

Just In Case: Tekkit.AdventureRealm.US:25566

[Don't let the "Tekkit" Part Fool You This is the IP]

Images Coming SOON!

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