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Server Location: United Kingdom

Server IP:

Slots: 30


We encourage all of our players to take a look at our forums for information related to the server as it would be a lot of hassle to put all of the details here. PVP and Raiding is tolerated on our server as well as griefing to an extent.

Mods and Admins are not given access to commands such as spawning in items, mobs or using the game mode command to encourage fun, competitive and ultimately legitimate play. It is to be known staff will play the game therefore they will PVP and Raid too!

[banned Items / Disabled Mods]: We have tried to limit item bans starting off with around 10 bans however players still manage to amaze us thus the list has grown larger and larger, we are currently working on methods to reduce the bans. See the ban list as well as config changes and disabled mods here: http://jamtekkit.forumotion.co.uk/t54-banned-items-config-changes-and-disabled-mods#148

[Economy]: We use Industrial Credits (IC) as the server economy therefore giving them a use, players can vote to acquire IC or simply craft them using refined iron in a 2 by 2. Our trade center we believe is a unique feature compared to most servers and one many will like especially due to the mass of items that players can trade for ranging from food, building blocks, minerals, valuables and more.

The trade center is located next to the spawn, it uses trade-o-mats and is completely automated so players can trade non stop. In total there is 70 trade-o-mats to trade with, all you need is some IC. Finally, Tungsten is given a use here as you can trade it in for diamonds, so don't throw it away!

[Main Plugins]:

> AntiCheat > CombatLog > Essentials > Core Protect > Factions > World Edit > World Guard

[Rules]: - These are displayed in game at our spawn pop on have a look if you hate them you're more than

welcome to leave.

[Voting]: - Players who vote gain 128 Industrial Credits which can be traded via the Trade Center you can vote at: http://tekkitserverlist.com/server/12112/view/uk-24-7-jam-tekkit-lite-0-6-5-pvp---hard---raid

Thank you for reading through - we hope you enjoy the server!

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