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[0.6.5] =[pG]= Tekkit Lite! [No Whitelist][PVE][Economy][Anti-Grief][Mature Community 3000+]

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Host: mc.prestige-gaming.org

Port: 25565


-PvP and PvE world

-Grief Prevention



-Large active playerbase

Prestige Gaming is a mature gaming community of coders, programmers, and avid gamers of all genres of gaming, from FPS, Rogue-like, and indie, right through to RTS games! Our community also houses Counter Strike:S and GO, Garrys Mod, and Team Fortress 2 servers! All dedicated and with a 99.9% uptime! We have plenty of admins to keep the server running as smoothly as possible, and plugins to stop the majority of grief!

We also have an extremely active and friendly forums and Team Speak 3!

Rules for the server can be found on the ingame noticeboards, as can information for plugins running on the server!

Community page: http://www.prestige-gaming.org/index.php

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