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Obsidian Ingot-SOLVED-


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Trying to make an Ultimate Energy Cube but it needs Obsidian Ingot and can't find out how to make them. All guides on the new seem to be out-dated or wrong. The NEI isn't helping either.

Any ideas?

Yup, first you need a few machines.

  1. Make the Enrichment chamber to crush the Obsidian to dirty Obsidian dust
  2. Crush up some diamond in the crusher
  3. Make a Metallurgic Infuser
  4. Place the diamond dust in the purple slot and the dirty dirty Obsidian dust in the red slot, you will then get refined refine obsidian dust
  5. Then in the osmium compressor then place the refined refine obsidian in the red box and the osmium ingots in the purple slot
  6. ??????????
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Have you actually tried this? I have both machines up and running. Again, putting the Obsidian in the Enrichment chamber isn't making Dirty Obsidian, it appears to just be making Pulverised Obsidian.

Of course I have tired this, you must be doing something wrong.

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When I get home, I'll do a video of the rough factory setup with it doing it. As it's doing my nut in because I wanted it for the energy cube as mentioned above.

Well after testing again, it came out as pulverized Obsidian, this is news on me as its always came out as the dirty stuff. But after testing further you can use the pulverized Obsidian in the Metallurgic Infuser in the same way I explained above.

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