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Voltz server extreme lag problems.


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My friend has set up a Voltz server and it's been generally fine, however, we're having a problem. I lag. Alot. My entire internet shits itself when I connect and I get extreme latency at all times. This only happens on Voltz servers for me.

He's tried running the server through a forwarded port and through Hamachi with no improvement for me. I am the ONLY player on the server who lags consistently.

He's also run a vanilla minecraft server which I had no lag for whatsoever.

This is the first time I've used the Technic Launcher in a long time, and I haven't checked other modpacks, so it's very possible that it is a launcher issue.

Another friend tried making a server. I lagged just as bad. I tried making my own server, I lagged and so did everyone else on the server.

I don't lag with regular minecraft and I've never lagged with manually-modded minecraft before.

Is there any ideas you guys know of that could make this pack playable in multiplayer for me?

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