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advise required for new B.D. world's power system


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Hi all,

My mates and I are starting a new big dig world (v1.3.9) and we would like some input from others in regards to setting up our power system. We would ideally like to have just 1 power system that can power everything in Big Dig (If possible). We were going to use the power converter mod (energy bridge) that was in the previous version (1.2.2) but since its been removed we could use some advice on how to get around this, as were keen to experiment with universal electricity. We would just like to avoid if possible having to have a power system to run the quarries and items that require Buildcraft power and having to have a universal electricity system for its fancy machines.

We were wondering if there is a converter in U.E. that were not aware of (We have not used U.E. before!!) that can output Buildcraft power and still be hooked into the Universal Electricity grid.

Thanks for your time.

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Well, that's my first experience with UE/Mekanism too. The only problem is that you pretty much can't go higher than Hydrogen Generators, so if you need more power, you have to stack more and more of them. That is, until you start looking into Atomic Science, which I'm planning to do soon.

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