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Almost All Types of Redstone Related Items Causing Severe Lag

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When I use any type of redstone and then activate it with a redstone signal, my FPS and anyone in the surrounding area get severe lag. When I stop making the redstone activated, the lag suddenly stops. However, it seems as my FPS gets a bit jittery, and may not be total lag. Placing down a redstone torch, or activating/deactivating items with them does not affect performance. Doing that, and using redstone to lead the signal to the block then causes lag, leaving me to suffer.

It is very tough to make my redpower machines to work properly without redstone. Every single type will lag, except for steady state redstone blocks/items.

I get around a solid 90 FPS when around my place normally, however it doesn't seem to drop, as it just gets jittery, as I said.

Redstone, red alloy wire, and all RP2 compact redstone circuits seem to cause it. Only redstone repeaters seem to activate without causing any lag while it is on, unlike the others.

Any help on this?

EDIT: All redstone items produce lag when powered, especially when being powered and unpowered constantly. It shouldn't do this.

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