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Auto-Crafting Table will not craft Melons into Seeds?


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I've got 2 farms next to each other set up the same, one has pumpkins.. the other is melons - harvesters tube them into a auto-crafting table with correct recipe inside. Pumpkin works just fine, while my melons just keep stacking until they reach 64 from the 1 i put in.. then start spewing in random directions.

I've got no idea why it isn't working, double checked the setups and their setup the same way with no faults that i can see. Is it just a bug? and/or is there a easier way to auto-craft melons into seeds? Its going to be sent directly afterwards to my BioReactors.

I feel dumb now. The wooden transport pipe wasn't facing an output direction as it attached to the chest i was temporarily using by mistake. Bleh.

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