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Tekkit Classic Game Mode hack FREE Problem


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Hey people. I am new here so sorry if i miss something or write it wrong. But any way i got tekkit server and there is people that tell me that there is gamemode hack. Well i didn't think it work before i see it and yes there was a working hack for tekkit classic that force gamemode for you. So the player only need to press "G" and hack work he have working gamemode. Last time i check this hack cost 5$ now it's free... So is there any plugin that can and will protect my server from this hack? And yes i have the permission plugin and no one else can access the gamemode only people with hack.. Here is the hack on YouTube:

*Link removed*

Please give me some plugins that could fix that. I mean else every one will use that shit... So i need plugin that is like give people permission for Op like you enter name of people that you like to have gamemode other people that are not on list can't get gamemode. I think i am not only one with tekkit classic 1.2.5 (3.1.2)server.

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