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My texture pack never works


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I have downloaded Pure BD Craft texture pack and joined it with Tekkit Lite Pack, when I send it to my texturepack folder on Tekkit Lite it appears the same as the default one.

When I try to load it, it doesn't work.

I had the same issue with Tekkit Classic and Tekkit, in Tekkit Classic it worked not very well with most of things as the default texture pack and others as Pure BD Craft.

I will tell you what I did, and you could please me see where I did something wrong.

So, step by step:

I downloaded Pure BD Craft 64x for Minecraft 1.4.7 then I downloaded Tekkit Lite add-on for Pure BD Craft 64x too;

After the downloads were over, I took the files inside the .zip of Tekkit Lite add-on and joined them with the original Pure BD Craft .zip, when I did I created a new .zip called "Sphax PureBDCraft 64x MC14 with Tekkit Lite";

After I did that I went to App Data\Roaming\technic\TekkitLite\texture packs and moved the .zip to there;

I loaded my Tekkit Lite and when I checked the texture pack page the default was the one that was working, with the Pure BD Craft using the same picture as the default on;

I tried to load it anyway but didn't work, crashed my Tekkit Lite;

I have 8gb of RAM, only using 1gb to run Technic, tried to change it but didn't let me, was already on the limit.

I do not know what I did wrong or what can I do to get it working, I loved Tekkit and Tekkit Lite in particular but I can't it get working and I hate the default texture pack. And even with it, I can't load my save games now too. But that's another issue, I guess...

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Could someone tell me why I don't have a folder at all for the texture packs? When I click on the texture pack icon at the bottom, there is no folder that pops up. All of the other users on the computer that have Technic Launcher, they all have a folder. But I don't. I am using a Mac though, I don't know if it differentiates.



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