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Unable to craft Rotary Macerator

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So I'm trying to set up a system with Rotary Macerators but when I go to craft one the image of the macerator will only show for a brief second then disappear without letting me craft it. Anyone heard of this and possibly know how to fix it?

This is on a server btw.

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You posted this again? I see you didn't include any more information either.

What have you tried to resolve your problem?

Are there any errors in the logs?

Are the mods installed correctly on the server?

Are you sure that there isn't a version mismatch between the client mod and the server one (probably not it but couldn't hurt to check)?

Can you craft other machines from that mod (singularity compressor is one I believe)?

Do your other mods work?

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My guess is you have an up to date client, And the server is v 2 not 2.1.1 (the newest) Because all the advanced IC2 machines were added in this update or 2.1 cant remember. Check your server. Can you build singularity compressors or solar arrays? they came in the same update (pretty sure)

Also I hear that posting the same thing twice gives you twice as much help from twice as many people keen to help. (doesnt)

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