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Power Armor Tinker Table


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In my tekkit, I have a private server running on a SEPERATE computer for some friends of mine, and whenever I get near a power armor tinker table, I have such extreme lag that I can only ever play the game again if someone teleports me out, since swords and other weapons seem to have no effect on me. This is a survival server, and when I search the power armor tinker table in NEI, I get my FPS as low as 1. In a single player world on creative mode, when I put the tinker table in my hand, my game froze. I should also mention that if I search anything that begins with the letter "P" or "B", my game doesn't completely freeze as when I move my mouse the inventory will eventually light up the square my mouse is at, but I can't get out of my inventory so I go into a liquid transposer to search and then view the search after I get out of the liquid transposer. Please help!

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