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IC2 ARS Industrial Tesla Coil - how to exempt items from destruction?


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I am using the Industrial Tesla Coil, with loot collectors. They work great, but only work when the item detection token is in programmable filter. Unfortunately this causes the coil to destroy any items it does not collect.

I am running a wheat farm, and the coil destroys all the seeds and wheat that pop up. While adding a loot collector for wheat is a working solution, (although that's a dirty hack that should not be necessary), adding Seeds is not possible. I need the seeds to go back into the farm to keep it running.

How can I 'exempt' items from destruction, without setting up a loot collector?

I have tried an item detection filter, pointed into programmable filter with difference token, pointed into coil, but this does not work. I think the logic here is target mobs(since i have mob token in) that do not have seeds, so it would make sense why its not working

I need to be able to run my farm continuously. How can I run my tesla coil as well, without destroying the work my farm is doing?

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Same problem here too. I have an Industrial Tesla Coil setup to kill mobs around my town and farm ender pearls and gunpowder that happen to drop.

My current programmable filter setup looks like this:


It works fine for the item collection but also zaps and subsequently destroys any items that I did not specify in the loot collector. So basically the same problem you have. What we need is some sort of logic programming that says activate item detection token only if (specify item) is present.

What we need, I think is to tell it that only activate the Item Detector token if certain conditions are met; in my case, activate if gunpowder or ender pearl is present. But alas my other experimental iterations still just zap every item out there.. (including my MFSU T_T)

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Still no solution to this issue. I still run the coils because they offer great protection. I have made some work-arounds and concessions, but have still lost a ton of stuff to destruction.

I use AE mod, so I added seeds & wheat to coil loot collectors, AE import buses on those to bring into system, then AE export buses on deployers to send back out to them.

I also added WR-CBE control to the coil. wireless redstone mod from chickenbones. I carry a wireless redstone controller with me, that i can tap to send a pulse with. The pulse is picked up by wireless receiver near coil, which sends it to a 'Toggle Latch' from RP2 mod. The toggle latch just changes its on/off signal when given a single pulse(like from a wireless rs controller). The toggle latch is next to my coil programmable filter that requires rs signal to run. This allows me to turn my coil on or off from anywhere in the world or from other dimensions

The version of WR-CBE I'm using does not support private, all channels are public, so don't use this on a coil meant to zap players, they could just turn it off before approaching. I use it on the coil that protects my entire base and farms from mobs. Maybe the next version of WR-CBE will support public and private networks. I really wish AE would support network privacy/security.

Back on topic. I use the same wireless signal used for coil on/off control to toggle rs signal to Lamps and Inverted Lamps from RP2 mod. These are a visual indicator of the coils on/off status

Knowing the coil is on or off(without having to go look or use/lose a test block) and having the ability to turn it off/on from anywhere has saved me a ton of stuff

Still not perfect though. Those loot collectors are not 'fuzzy' or fuzzy capable. You can only put one item/durability in each. If the same item but a different durability is found it is destroyed not collected, so the system is totally useless for collecting anything valuable like quantum/nano/power armor.

Always looking for ideas to improve the system until the mod author is able to fix it.

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