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[PG-13] Tekkit whozawhatsit, Yeah another LP


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Hey guys! I just started up a let's play for Tekkit and let me get to the bread and butter, check it out. Okay now to the better stuff. I'm actually looking for some people who want to join up an do a massive let's play, you know, like 8+ mature people who can just have some fun together. But enough about my ideals

Episode one of my Tekkit let's play is kinda long, sorry, got distracted. BUT, good news, episode two and three are not, but they are not up either, BUT, they will be by tonight, around midnight eastern us time. Anyways, check it out, give it a thumbs down, you know, hate on it. Or bring me some love. Keep in tune because I'll have more coming your way. Will upload some screen shots for later episodes and series I start.

Calling all cast members, I am trying to get a group of people to do a huge let's play. Hit me up if you think you could be part of it and we will try to work things out. Or heck (hell for the mature audience), if any of you just want to join or tag along in a series I start, or if you want me to join up, throw me a message.

Again, sorry about the length, but, check it out guys. Like I said more later tonight for you're eyes and ears. Oh yeah, and have a drink for me guys.


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Thanks guys!

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