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Infamy-Tekkit [1.1.5] 50slots, No Lag, Dedicated server


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Hello Ladies and Gentleman of the gamming community.

My name is Ethan and may I present to you a brand new tekkit server.

We Have been Working on this server for about 4 weeks now and it is finally ready for you to play. We Guarantee You as lag free as possible gameplay and a safe gamming environment. We are currently running the latest build of the modpack (1.1.5) and we believe so far that we have no bugs on our server and if you do happen to find one report it to senior staff for a special reward. This is a PvP server and you are able to grief/raid other peoples base's so make sure you get your faction claims and LWC locks setup fast.

If We Get enough People on the server in the next few weeks we will try to upgrade the server strait away and remember our server's run off donations even it its only $5 or adding days to the website any donation is greatly appreciated by us and our community. Be sure to check out our other server too.

Join Today At:

Teamspeak: s7.picklehosting.com:10014

Things To Come:

- Admin Shop (Will Be Ready Tomorrow) Done!!!

- Donator Ranks


- Vault

- Factions

- Herochat

- Essentials

- World Edit

- Chest Shop

- Clear Lagg

- World Guard

- Enjin Minecraft Plugin

- World Border (set at 15,000)

- LWC (Custom Config For Mod Items)

- More Too Come...

Server Specifications:

- Fully Dedicated Server

- 16gb DDR3 Ram

- Intel Core i7 Processor

- 1gbps upload speed

- 500gb Enterprise Grade HDD

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