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Big Dig not Loading but other mods working

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I wanted to try the big dig mod pack on my PC. It begins updating packs in the technic launcher window but stops at simplepowerstorage and does not continue.


Technic Launcher settings:

Launcher Options: Launcher Build 249

Always use stable launcher builds

Memory 2 gb

Increase PermGen Size Checked

Big Dig Options:

Build 1.3.11 (server my clan is using is set to this build)

Manually select a build

Actions Taken:

Installed 64 Java to increase to 2 gb and checked PermGen Size

Deleted Big Dig folder and launched technic launcher

Redownloaded technic launcher

Restarted computer

Read through some related forums.

Please help. I am not that technical so work with me in your explanations. I really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.

Kind wishes,


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