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Looking For 1-4 players Notice It Is A Hamichi server First 1To Skype me gets opped

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I live In Pennsylvania. And I Am Looking For 1-4 People Who Know How To Build Cool Buildings Or Find valuable Materials Fast Or Easy Or Now A Lot About The Mods And Who Like Working Together And Sharing Materials And Don't Grief Or Steal Stuff Ages Accept 13-20 This Is My Info Some People Call it There RSVP. Minecraft User Is Bud1026, Skype name is romarofosterbkabud. I Can Play Tekkit Almost Any Time. My Knowledge Of Mods IC2,EE2,Red power,Wireless Redstone And Some Other Mods. I Am In Country USA Pennsylvania ,Age 13. Show Your Info Or RSVP Like Your Minecraft User.Skype Name. Time U Can Play Tekkit.Show Your Mod Knowledge of mods. Time zone.Age 12 And Up No Older than 21 . You Must Speak English

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