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Frank Tran

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Server IP:

Server Website: http://lithiumcraft.net

Rules: Too lazy to post rules go on the server and read the rules

Banned Items? Banned items include Mystcraft Descriptive books as well as World Anchors. We offer a bunch of worlds to allow users to live where-ever they want, however due to technical limitations, giving everyone their own age is not possible

How many open slots? We have 32 slots open to everyone on each server, Staff and Donors can ignore this restriction. You can connect to either IP and use either server.

I dont like being griefed, what can I do? use the golden shovel to claim land

Quick tips to get started: We offer a free kit to all users who join the server, to receive this starter kit simply use the command /kit tools

When you find a place to call home you should set your home there with /sethome so that you can always return there with /home.

Staff team/Additional information? All of our server staff are allowed to play in the game, that being said if we play, we play legitimately. If you want to find out who our staff team is you can check our website for more information.

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