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Tekkit Server Request

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I am requesting a Tekkit Classis (or lite) server to work on with someone. I have spend about 7 months playing Tekkit and know nearly everything about it, but I want to take it to the next level. I want to really work on and create a professional server with some of the real Bukkit/Faction/etc. mods. But don't even stop there, I want to go farther and make some really cool features like building towns and some castles and really making it a high quality server.

Unfortunately, I don't have a high enough running computer to host a server and don't really want to pay, especially if I'm only running it alone. So I am either looking for someone with enough RAM (preferably 8+GB, but less works) or someone who will pitch in so we can run a Tekkit server and pay a service to host. Please either email me ([email protected]) or Skype (Zink5000) me to talk about it some more! Thanks!

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