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Let's Play VOLTZ!!

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Hey guys! We are doing a series of Voltz! And we are so fun playing it now!

In each episode, we will make new tools, machines or weapons, and make use of them so if you guys watch our videos, you will also know how to use machines in Voltz!

Hope you guys will maybe want to watch some of our videos, because we tried our best to get all the fun out of the Voltz!

Watching it makes you guys AWESOME!!

My channel is ShanTheMineBoys (link: http://www.youtube.com/user/ShanTheMineBoys ) if you guys want to fully check it out.


We built a simple electric system in the episode, I have made an advanced solar panel, so it will be the power source. And of course we will use battery box, but I can't make it look nice in this episode (actually it's suck) :D


In this episode, we use Heat Generator to genarate infinity electric (it not so cool like it sounds). So beside the solar panel, now we have Heat Generator, maybe it's enough for the beginning of Voltz :D


In this episode, we make Camouflage and Conventional Grenade. And we foudn out that the Camouflage is very good for building a secret base, but the grenade ... it's not so that cool :D


In this episode, we make a Duplicate Ore System, which turns some ores into 3 ingots!! And use more explosives!! Check it out guys!!

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