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Lag spikes with the 1.5.x versions of Big Dig for 32bit java mc clients.

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We have problems running recent versions of Big Dig with default mem settings. A couple of our players are stuck with 32bit java and are experiencing lag spikes all the time. The client doesn't crash, but you get a 1sec pause every minute or so. The memory usage (as seen with F3) keeps running to the max of 1Gb. I've tried it myself and I ran into the same problem. The lag spikes happen because for some reason the new Big Dig uses 100mb's more of memory then the Big Dig pack we ran for mc 1.4.7. This is with graphics set to fast, rendering distance to normal and no texture pack using 32bit java 7. In SSP its about double the amount of used memory now.

On our old server the same players that use 32 bit java didn't have those problems and could even run a 32x32 texture pack. This was a Big Dig version for mc 1.4.7.

How come the modpack needs so much more memory now?

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