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Some guy looking for good company for 1.0.6

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Hello everyone !

(Just posting this under discussion, redirect me if it needs to be elsewhere !)

I have been playing some time ago on a whitelisted tekkit server (which I will not name, hence the no publicity rule ) BUT it was full of 12yo COD Xbox live rascals ! I'm through with those guys... o_O

Also, it has been awhile I played this Modpack and I get really excited at this update

So what I'm looking for is someone like me willing to play two-four hours a day on a private or online server (gotta love towny !) but doesn't like playing on his/her own or surrounded by total basket cases...

Well that's it, hope you reply !

PS: I'm quite the knowledgeable type, so don't be afraid I won't be a total n00bcase

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