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Ip: mod.infamycraft.us

Infamycraft is a custom modpack. We have a lot of mods from tekkit and a few more. Infamycraft is not just one server. So far it is 2 servers, hopefully 3 in the future. These servers are hosted on a dedicated server. I used to run a rather popular server called solarcraft. But i had to shut it down due to expenses and management. Now my friend and I are splitting the cost of a dedicated server, and we are hosting a PVP survival and a Modded survival.

Server Uptime:


Server Specs:

E3-1240v2 CPU

Running at 3.4 Ghz

100 Mb/s speed

24 GB of RAM

Hard Drive:500GB SATA

Outbound Bandwidth:5000GB

Inbound Bandwidth:Unmetered

Server Located in New York, United States

Banned Items:

We try too have the least amount of banned items possible because we know it takes away from the gaming experience.

Mystcraft Ages (Lag)

Dimensional Anchors (Lag)


At Infamycraft we give every player at least 10 chunks to load. You can donate to get more.

Server Rules:

1. No stealing

2. No griefing

3. No hacking

4. No duping gitching

5. Easy on foul Language

6. Any other common sense rules

Modpack Installing:

If you do not know how to install a custom modpack we have create a step by step install guide on our website here:http://infamycraft.us/mod





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