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NoChatPlus and Tekkit 1.5.2


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Hey. I got tekkit 1.5.2 and nochat added but i notice that plugin block lot things so i kinda need config made for tekkit. Is there config like that? Or any other plugin that stop hacks on server and don't f** up the tekkit mods?


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Short answer: no

Long answer: You can use NoCheatPlus, but instead of banning, kicking, muting, etc for the actions, just log them to a file. So that whenever you login for the day, you can open the file(s) and read through the violations. It is extremely hard to stop hacks on tekkit, as a lot of the plugins count lasers, quarries, etc as hacks. To get around the Quarry problem, you need to /op [buildcraft] so that it has free reign over what it does. As for the rest, I can't help you. Like I said, it is near impossible unless you make one that accounts for all the actions done by the mods.

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