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Mod Forestry does not work with Tekkit Lite


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My specs.: HARDWARE: CPU - AMD Phenom II x4 B99, RAM - 8GB ADATA DDR3, GPU - SAPHIRE HD6570 1GB DDR3, OS - Win 7 Ultimate x64. SOFTWARE: Java - both x86 and x64 JRE7, Forge Mod Loader - for Minecraft 1.4.7

Hi. I have latest Tekkit Lite downloaded(v. 0.6.5 MC1.4.7). I added few mods in: ExtraBiomesXL, Forestry, AdvancedSolarPanels, GraviSuit, PortalGun, RailCraft, SoulShards, Thaumcraft and XYCraft. Before I added Forestry it was working well. Here is log file after I added Forestry:


What is happening is that when I launch TekkitLite it just goes to light grey screen after Mojang logo. Please can you help me with this?

EDIT: I removed Extra Biomes XL because it was causing game crashes too. But still the same problem with mod Forestry.

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You can't use the latest version of forestry because it's for 1.5.x Minecraft only. Either you find old enough version of Forestry (for 1.4.7, can't say which Forge version exactly) or switch almost a year old Minecraft and Tekkit Lite for something newer. Same goes for other mods.

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