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Factions Compatibility? LWC Issues?

Erik Mancha

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I am struggling to fins a version of factions that is compatible with tekkit 1.5.1. I have seen the plugin used on other 1.5.x tekkit servers so it's not impossible. Please provide me with a link.

Also, LWC is having a strange issue.. When I try to lock tekkit chests such as; iron, diamond, copper, etc. with LWC I get this in my error in log : http://pastebin.com/TdZPAVZ4. Yet when I lock any other normal minecraft chest or even an alchemical chest it has no problem locking. Although when I place a tekkit chest down I do get the message "Created a private X831 successfully." So it does recognize the item that I manually typed in the config, but something is preventing it from locking. here is my core config; http://pastebin.com/8wwj1bSP

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To fix the lwc/tekkit compatibility:

I am now very pleased that I've fixed it! LWC actually has its own project for LWC/mod compatibility. I had several threads and mcpc+ never replied to anyone with this issue. I am lucky to have figured it out...

1.) Stop server and backup your old lwc files (not jar) and replace your old lwc.jar with the latest build provided on this page: http://ci.griefcraft.com/job/LWC/

2.) Start the server, let lwc generate its necessary files

3.) Stop the server when complete

4.) Replace new core.yml and lwc.db with old ones

5.) Run the server, and your set

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