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The value of stuff to exchange


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Hey there,

I'm new here on this board but playing Minecraft now for a while, I play only single player just for fun. Mayby this question has been asked before but I couldn't find it so,..

I'm playing a small world now, there is alot of water with just a few little islands, I've build a nice house and a wheatfarm, found some sugar canes to farm, and build a little tree farm,.. on the island there is just enough room for a couple of tree's,..

Now I also want some animals, rubbertree's, carrots and patatoes ect, to get further in the game!

I've been traveling around with a boat to see if I can find an island with any of this stuff but there isn't any,..

Now I was thinking, I could use other stuff to exchange to get what I want without realy cheating, offcourse it's my game so who cares but still I was wondering, how do other people do this, how is it done on servers, and is there a list of value's for the exchange like "one diamond for 64 carrots" orso,...

I know I'm a noob so you don't have to tell me that,

but some serieus replies would be fun!2013-06-21_170004_zps7c91bd34.png

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