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[1.0.0] APOC Gaming Hexxit [Dungeons & Towers][NO WHITELIST] [APPLY FOR STAFF][Tons of Plugins]


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VERSION 1.0.0 (1.5.2)

Hello everyone! I am here to tell you about our servers and community.

At APOC Gaming we don't just play minecraft, we play everything. What you play we play no matter the game.

Despite us playing multiple games our priority is Minecraft we have 4 servers Bukkit, Tekkit (latest), and Tekkit Classic, Hexxit. All of which are online 24/7/365 and are updated daily.

Our Bukkit server has over 50 plugins for many features to aid in your gaming experience. We assure you our server is 100% lag free and we have a very helpful and mature staff to help you with any of your issues..

Our Tekkit servers are very new, but not inactive. Since our release of our Tekkit servers we have gained over 100 active players daily. Come join the rest and have some fun on our servers!

If you still enjoy Tekkit Classic and want a great lag free & dedicated server to play on, look no further than APOC. Like our other servers they are dedicated, lag free, and online 24/7/365 with a staff that can assist you with anything you may need.

All of our servers have voting pages and rewards for voting available on our website. All servers also have supporter ranks and supporter upgrades for those who want to help APOC out.

Rules of all servers:

  • Do not harass others.
  • Do not excessively swear.
  • Do not raid anyone's belongings, unless your faction is at war.
  • Do not environment grief.
  • Do not command spam.
  • Do not message spam.
  • Do not complain to admins about simple things.
  • Do not impersonate a moderator, admin, or owner.
  • Do not claim to be a friend of staff and threaten players.
  • Do not impersonate a employee of any company/community such as PlanetMinecraft or MinecraftForums.
  • Do not build 1x1 blocks to the sky.
  • Do not build sky fortresses, all creations must have at least 10 blocks connecting to the surface.
  • Do not make a base not touching the ground, same as above.
  • Do not use other people's mines.
  • Do not steal mined items from others if exploring with them.
  • Do not kill peoples pets.
  • Do not beg, bribe, threaten others for anything.
  • Do not make bridges on ocean surface, must be elevated by 3 blocks to allow boats/players to swim under.
  • Do not ask ask admins for additional claim blocks, you receive 100 claim blocks/hr.
    Do not advertise other servers, 1st time you will be kicked 2nd time you will be banned.
  • Do not hate on our server, if you do not like it leave peacefully.
  • Do not advertise plugins or modifications.
  • Do not complain about restarts, reloads & updates.
  • Do not complain about Desyncs, this happens when the server is updated/reloaded and you are breaking blocks.
  • Do not post links to videos or pictures of pornography.

Features of all servers:

  • Anti Grief Protection on all servers. LWC / GriefPrevention / Factions / Grieflog
  • Anti Cheat Protection on all servers. Nocheatplus
  • Anti X-Ray Protection on all servers. Orebfuscator
  • Anti Advertising on all servers, do not advertise our server will auto ban you.
  • MCBans installed on all servers, anyone with a bad reputation will not be allowed to join our servers.
  • Dynmap installed on all servers to give you a birds eye view of the entire server on our website.
  • Custom item drops with random enchantments up to level 10, Ever wanted a pickaxe with Fortune 10 Efficiency 10 and Unbreaking 10? On our BUKKIT server you can. This was not added to Tekkit for the many already customized gear available.
  • Custom Item packs also available on our server shop.
  • SignShops are available on all servers to create a chest shop and sell your items to other players.
  • Economy is setup on all servers and you can gain money by mining, killing mobs, voting for the server, selling items in shops, and trading with others.
  • Factions is available on all servers.
  • Mature staff, all staff members are above the age of 18 years old. We do not ban immaturely unless several rules have been broken and warnings have been given. Please respect the staff, players, and follow the rules like everyone else. Thank you.
  • Daily updates! Our servers are constantly being updated, a few restarts and reloads here and there. But at least you know every plugin and server version we use is the most up to date and bugs/glitches fixed and new features added. Everythings fixed!
  • We not only run our own website, minecraft servers, bf3 servers, crysis servers, etc. We run our own Teamspeak as well! So you can hop on and chat with your friends while you create your next amazing creation!

ALL Plugins on Tekkit 1.5.2:

All plugins are recent builds from the authors development servers.

  • - LegendaryMessages 4.2.2
  • - NoSpawnChunks 0.3
  • - GroupManager 2.0 (Dev2.11.183) (Phoenix)
  • - GriefLog 4.9.3
  • - WorldEdit 1405-f213bb7
  • - TagAPI 2.3
  • - NameTags 2.1
  • - DiabloDrops 2.5.1
  • - MemoryChecker 1.2.6
  • - Vault 1.2.25-b320
  • - MCBans 4.21
  • - Permissions 3.1.6
  • - LimitedCreative 2.0-SNAPSHOT-328929fb3f
  • - ThisLogMustDie 1.1
  • - GriefPrevention 7.8
  • - Votifier 1.9
  • - Payd2Mine 1.4.5B1
  • - mcMMO 1.4.06-dev6-b2101
  • - Essentials Dev2.11.183
  • - HyperConomy 0.97
  • - EssentialsProtect Dev2.11.183
  • - JCVaultListener 2.0.3
  • - EssentialsSpawn Dev2.11.183
  • - EssentialsGeoIP Dev2.11.183
  • - DeathControl 1.9
  • - EssentialsAntiBuild Dev2.11.183
  • - LWC 4.4.0 (b869-git-0f7e7985ac516ab0bbd53c0f32ae9b48d1eb198d) (May 20, 2013)
  • - dynmap 1.7-17
  • - VotifierScripts 1.1-SNAPSHOT-b31
  • - EssentialsChat Dev2.11.183
  • - Factions 1.8.0
  • - Dynmap-Essentials 0.50
  • - dynmap-mobs 0.60
  • - Dynmap-GriefPrevention 0.60
  • - Dynmap-Factions 0.50

Banned Items: None

Banned Mods: More Bows (Dupe Glitch) / Dimensional Doors (Lag issues)

So come one come all to the APOC Gaming Community! Anyone can join we are very friendly and we would love for you all to join us!

Bukkit Server (1.5.2): mc.apocgaming.org:8443

Tekkit Server (1.5.2 v1.1.5): mc.apocgaming.org:2095

Tekkit Classic Server (1.2.5): mc.apocgaming.org:2096

Hexxit Server (1.5.2): mc.apocgaming.org:2087

Teamspeak Server: ts.apocgaming.org

Website: http://apocgaming.org

Forums: http://apocgaming.org/f


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what dungeons have you banned?

Dungeons in general they were loading way too much stuff in a single chunk all the way into bedrock when people explored. Causing not on their client to crash but also crash the server.

Dungeons are now back on the server.

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