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[1.0.1] CyroTek [Factions] [256 Slots] [Griefing] [HUNGER GAMES] [Mob Arena] TWILIGHT FOREST


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A Vid A User Did For Us!

IP: hex.cyrotek.org

Website: Cyrotek.org

Teamspeak: cyrotek.teamspeak3.com

Server Information:

Cyrotek Has 5 servers, A Tekkit Main Server, Tekkit Classic Server, Voltz Server And YogsCraft server And now, A Hexxit Server. There is no banned items which makes this server very interesting. The server was under development since we saw Hexxit so a lot of time and effort from all of our staff has been put in to make your gaming experience, The best.


There are very small bunch of rules on Cyrotek to make sure that we run smoothly without any problems,

#1 Don't use any other client side mods

#2 Don't PvP Log

#3 Don't ask staff for extra permissions/ranks

#4 Don't Spam

#5 Don't Advertise Other Servers



Some plugins that feature on our server to make it more fun.


Factions is a RPG plugin that you can protect your land with, We use this because we are a Role play raiding server. And many people already know how to use this plugin.

Mob Arena (Coming Soon)

Mob arena, If you Didn't think the wilderness was tough enough, You can fight to the death against mobs to win extra prizes!


Felling lucky ehy? Feeling lucky enough to win the lottery? We use this plugin just for a bit of fun on the server, for players to win some money from eachother


Felling bored that the default rank isn't cool enough? Well with this plugin playing for a certain amount of time will reward you with a higher rank, Each higher rank gives you a better kit!

And yes, We are looking for staff, Apply @ cyrotek.org/forum


Yes we do have a doantion system that is under construction because we are all fairly new to Hexxit so we don't know what is over powered and what is under-powered.

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Hey, great server you've got here. One request, do you think one of the admins could do: /gamemode keepinventory true

In case you didn't know, this means that when you die, you don't lose your items. I know it can be a pain for PvP fighters, but this can help for those who would rather raid a tower or those who get attacked by the OP custom mobs. Thanks.

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