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Hexxit Let's Play Series!!

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Hey guys, lately, a new mod pack was announced, Hexxit! So I start a new series playing this mod pack, and it is really fun.

In each episode, I will try to achieve something in the mod pack, like a new tool, etc. Also will make it as funniest as possible.

I will be very happy if you guys take a little of your time to check it out. I very need your help :) If you guys watch it, then you are so AWESOME!!

My channel is ShanTheMineBoys (http://www.youtube.com/user/ShanTheMineBoys) if you guys want to fully check it out.


-This episode, ran into a new Hexxit world. I found a village, just started to make tools, new tables, etc. It's a beginning episode, right?


-This episode, I tried to make a backpack, a big one. But completely failed, because the meteor distracted me (Yes a meteor crashed nearby the village) I found a very weird zombie, his health is 4 times as a normal zombie's. When i got killed by him, it said I was withered away! But luckily, in the end of the episode, I found the Hexical Essence, every Hexxit Gear needs this "thing".


-This episode, I tamed a Chocobo! Found a little portal, but haven't got into that yet, will do it in the next episode! And again, I found a Hexical Essence!


-This episode, I took a risk and got into the battle tower with an iron long sword, and an iron chestplate. And finally, the boss is beaten :) Got few new stuff!!

Thanks for reading and watching guys!

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