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Basic Commands/Protection


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After struggling with MCPC+ for quiet a few hours now i am starting to give up, long story short the server says its running but it crashes clients when they try to join for some reason but thats not the main point (unless you know how to fix that then ill post more details and the crash logs) all i really need is a way to add teleports in, so people can /home or /spawn, or i could also use some chest protection.

GETTING TO THE POINT, im wanting these 3 things on the server



3.Chest protection

Is there a way other than MCPC at this time to accomplish this, or am i going to have to wait for one of the other options (bukkitforge, forgeessentials, ect,) to update?

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Essentials plugin doing it all together. But Essentials is a heavy plugin which can affect performance greatly.

So in your case i'd recommend use plugins which doing only one task:

/home - SimpleHomes

/spawn - ExactSpawn

Chest Protection - LWC or if you planning use private lands - Residence plugin

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