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Hexxit Plus Other Mods

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So i've been wanting to do something new with Minecraft for a while now. Looking for cool and interesting mod packs, trying to find a pack that would be fun for me to play. I'm not one for these intricate building type of packs. I found Hexxit. Which came out like a few days ago xD I checked it out. Pretty awesome stuff. Then I decided to mix it up. Add some other stuff in. This of course caused a few issues. Performance mostly. Crashes I fixed by changing item numbers.

So after spending most of Sunday tweaking with mods, I found a nice combination. Then I decided to add a RP twist to it and voila! All new original Minecraft Series other than my Herobrine one where I just got killed by Herobrine a lot.

All i've recorded is this first video, to test the waters you could say. I like how it turned out. But i'm not sure people will get that i'm "pretending" it's not a game xD I dunno.

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