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Voided Hexxit Series and Other Playthroughs


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Hey guys, I'm Voided, or as some may know me, Voidus or ultimateauthor, or perhaps even Isaac from theVoidCore. I am a youtuber of course, and I have a background of server hosting, video recording, etc.

I used to be in a two-man group on youtube called theVoidCore. Me and my friend would record several videos of us playing games and commentating on them, even having a quite successful (for newer youtuber standards) Voltz series in which we played on our PvP server. But we stopped making videos a while ago, and the server closed as well. But, due to the fact I have no life and I'm as bored as crap during summer (sometimes video games just aren't enough to keep a guy entertained), I decided to get back into filming videos and owning a minecraft server. And I did.

I have a server now, a Hexxit server, also posted over in the Hexxit Servers part of this forum, where I record for a series I do on my channel. But that's not it. I may be without my great friend, and I'm a bit rusty when it comes to making videos alone, but I promise to keep it entertaining. I have several series' planned, a few minecraft, a few not, and I also plan to produce a video a day. So if you could head over to my channel and check it out, that'd be great. Thanks!

P.S. Keep in mind the server is in a beta. So is my channel, I would assume. And, to calm your fears, I am not a nasally 12 year old kid. I know what I'm doing. If you don't think so, I will find you, and like in Taken and Taken 2, I'll kill you. (Yes, I'm saying I'm Liam Neeson; or at least close)

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