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Power Gauntlet Can't Break Blocks.


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When I attempt to break blocks other than sand, gravel, netherack, and dirt It just makes the animation of breaking a block over and over again and it never breaks. It just makes little sprinkles on top of it and it cracks a bit extremely fast, just as fast as it would if it were actually breaking the blocks at max overclock. The glove is overclocked to the max on both pick and shovel as well as axe.

For some reason while moving I can break dirt blocks, but standing still I cannot. I also cannot break cobblestone blocks while standing up or moving. So The tools other than weapons etc wont work.

Now this all works in singleplayer but wont work in my multiplayer server hosted on the same machine.

I have always been able to use the tools fine until recently. I added this to the launch.bat so that I can have Increased PermGenSize enabled and thats all. The addition was -XX:MaxPermSize=256M

My bat file looks like this




"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe" -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -XX:MaxPermSize=256M -jar BigDig.jar nogui


But even after removing this addition it made no difference.

Here's the script from the loadup of the server


Things I have tried:

Completely deleting .tecnic and .techniclauncher and reinstalling completely.

Updating Java to 64-bit version.

Completely rebuilding the glove multiple times.

Lowering overclocks on the tools.

Removing and replacing the modules multiple times.

So Yea basically Im stumped. This is happening to me and 1 other player, while another player has no problems.

I am the only OP on the server and I can break blocks in creative mode.

Please help :(


Keep in mind I can still break blocks etc w/ regular tools made from diamonds etc.

Here is a video of the problem. I apparently cannot shoot saw blades or plasma canon rounds while standing still as often as before either. Every time I use it in the video I am spamming right click. It should be shooting allot more than it is...

I now see there is an update to this mod and I don't think technic launcher has it yet. I dont want to make any changes to the files unless necessary. That and I don't want my friends to have to download mod packs and install them etc. I just want everyone to get in using the launcher as is. Im using the BigDigServer-v1.3.9.zip from the website. Should I just wait till they update this themselves? Or should I go through the trouble of getting everyone a how to on updating the mod packs?


So apparently my helmet was causing the bug. Removing it enabled me to do everything as normal. So I remade the helmet and everything was working till I installed the flight control module. The flight control module being installed causes this bug. If I remove it all is well. So I guess I will have to go without it for now.


I figured Ill just make a keybind for the flight module. So at least I can still fly around. When its disabled I can mine like normal, enabled cant break a block. Hoping for a fix!


So after a few restarts of the server today and an update of my gfx drivers the problem dissapeared. I can now do everything as normal. Weird glitch, dunno what could have caused it but its all good now.


I guess my previous edit was mistaken. The glove started doing it again after I fully charged it. So I removed all batteries from the glove and can now use it as normal, sort of. The tools work well but aren't working as if they are overclocked. I'm charging the suits up w/ an ultimate energy cube so it shouldn't be a problem. So I guess I will have to just use it without batteries or uncharged. Still a bug that you should know about, hope to see it fixed next patch.

Thanks for the mod!

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