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Crashing....Again....And again....


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Recently i downloaded the hexxit pack and jumped into a new world, after playing for a while and killing some mobs in smaller towers i attempted a battle tower with the gear i had just got. Upon arriving i managed to get up to maybe the 3rd floor before problems started. I killed of the spiders and killed the skeletons that kept coming at me through the holes in the floor above when i froze. I waited for my hexxit to unfreeze as i know my computer can sometimes get lag spikes, but it didn't. After closing hexxit with task manager I re-opened it and managed 2 steps before crashing again. I repeated this process of moving before i restarted my computer. This helped and I managed to move a bit more forward only for more skeletons to come at me through the floor above. Upon restarting my computer again quickly managed to get in creative just to see what was causing the lag and crashes. After figuring out it was the amount of arrows stuck in the floor, walls and ceiling i started to break the blocks so that they weren't in the room any more. Crashing several times more before reaching the top i have decided to post here. The lag and crashing seemed to go after i had 'removed' most of the arrows and after the tower blew up I was fine. If it helps the here are my specs as follows:

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3

IntelĀ® Core2 Duo CPU @2.66GHz

2.67GHz, 2GB Ram

ATI Radeon HD 5670

Thanks if anyone can solve the problem, Apart from this though its a great mod pack :)

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Same thing here and I have a 8gb and 6400 gt video card Windows 7 ultimate Quad core and I constantly frezze but won't crash, I have updated Java and reinstalled Tekkit completely. Nothing is working if you do find out please message me. It is starting to make me mad.

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Hmm, with only 2gb of ram expect some lag being that better dungeons and also battle tower casue alot of entity's on the ground also alot of mobs spawn per chunk. If it's to the point of which you can't play if you give me a few I will write a tutorial on easy steps to help with major lag.

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