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Hexxit 1.0.1 and MCPC+

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I'm running Hexxit with MCPC+ on my server.



Version: 1.0.1


Build: #587

JAR File: mcpc-plus-1.5.2-R1.1-forge738-B587.jar


The server runs fine for about 10-20 minutes then crashes and restarts automatically with the following log error. A few other crash logs have also been reported.

Log: http://pastebin.com/Cx8q3v5x

Or if you know a different mod to use that is 1.5.2 and can install Bukkit plugins then feel free to post.

Thanks :)

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mcpc+ and hexxit do not get along. I suggest looking into forge essentials. When I was using mcpc+ I had the same issue with ticking block with forge essentials my server has been up for 16 hours straight!

Oh thanks for the reply! :)

I'll look into setting this up.

Thanks :)

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Well forge essentials comes with it's own plugins. Perms/Essentials etc I would do a little research before just popping it on there. But, it's really easy to learn


Will I be able to disable the preinstalled plugins and install my own Bukkit plugins?

Thanks :)

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