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[1.5.2] X-Craft [PvE/PvP] [Multi Server]

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Contact us @: [email protected]

X-Craft is a multi server community striving

to provide the best experience for the player that we can.

With friendly staff, great players and 24/7 up time

X-Craft should be your first and last stop in your search for a great

Minecraft experience.

We are running Two dedicated boxes across 5 servers to provide

you a friendly lag free community.


We have many servers to chose from with more planned in the future.

So no matter what your play style you should find something to suit you.

Our Cross Chat system will allow you to chat with any other players on a X-Craft

server. No matter which server they are on.

Want to voice chant with your friends or the other players on?

We have our own hosted Mumble server.

We have Rank system setup for Donators that is a cross server setup.

Meaning when you purchase a rank you will have that rank on every

X-Craft server. These special ranks give you access to special commands, Kits and





Want to spend more time building and less time gathering materials? Build the factory of your dreams? Then here at X-Craft we can accommodate you!

Big Dig has more than enough mods to keep even the most dedicated player busy for months. Unfortunately with most mod packs you spend all your time mining, and not enough time putting stuff together. Well here is where Big Dig is different. With frequent, large veins, it won't be long before your putting together complex factories and buildings.

We have removed the following mods:

Dimensional Doors - Buggy, Uses ENDLESS amounts of HD space, and constant spam of doors causes lag for you and other players.

ICBM - We save this sort of thing for our Voltz server. You have no need to worry about missiles flailing down on you.


Our Big Dig server is currently white-list only. To apply click





Looking for a real Adventure?

Want to team up with others in a faction against those new Bosses?

Perhaps you're looking for friendly PvP - faction vs faction?

Then welcome to X-Craft Hexxit!

Hexxit is a new release by Technic and we are bringing it straight to you! Due to Hexxit being a new release, there are probably some bugs left by the technic team in the pack, so please report any you find!





Our 200 slot skyblock server is as you would expect from any skyblock server, with the exception we have spent allot of time building and testing our server to make sure you guys have the best experience.

Voting for our server will reward you with one emerald per vote. You can trade in your emeralds to grab extra items you may need for your island!

Take a look and I guarantee you, it will be the best skyblock experience you have ever had!



Vanilla Survival

Volts PvP

Rolling Server

This is a unique setup we are implementing. This will be a server where the mod pack changes on a monthly basis. This will allow our player a wide array of mod packs to play and experience. Want to try out a mod pack, suggest one in the forums and we may pick it.


We are running dual dedicated server boxes.

i7 3770

1TB SATA Drive

32GB Ram


For the first 25 people to sign up we are giving away a free month of our Stone Rank.

Promo Code: xcraftpromo

Just use this code in our shop during check out to get Stone rank for free!!

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Ip Address colors fixed. So far BigDig is the only mod pack that we have had to ban items or mods from. The only time we will ban and item or mod is if there is a dupe bug or its causes the server to be unstable.

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