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Technic Launcher failing to download Hexxit


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Hey everyone, I tried downloading Hexxit a couple times already, and when it reaches the part of extracting everything, it slows down my computer ALOT, and the launcher stops responding. Long story short, my pc sucks. So if anyone could link me a .zip or .rar version of the modpack for me to install myself, it would be greatly appritiated :)

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Well i doubt anyone would give you an .zip or .rar .

Well i think in .technic all the files are present once you have installed it but i doubt if you install them they would work .

You probarely have to make like a custom-mini launcher to launch them (i could be very wrong but you never know with packs) .

You could however try downloading and installing every single mod seperately.

But they made a mod called Hexxitgear wich is not seperatly avaible as far as i know .

Anyways i try to be of any help to you but don't rely on me sir.

I only have very little knowledge about this topic.

I hope you get better help soon :) .

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