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[1.5.2]Delta Ultra[PvP][30 slots][Open][Delta Ultra Pack]

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Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/delta-ultra.144556

IP (included in modpack): ultra.tiin57.net:25565


No cheating, hacking, or duping.

No griefing, raiding, or stealing.

No spamming or advertising.

No asking for ranks, op, or staff positions.

You may only kill someone if they are being a nuisance to you. No random killing.

Forums: http://delta.tiin57.net/forums/

This server is 24/7, hosted externally.

We are a part of the Delta Minecraft community, which is a mature group. Even so, we ask that you keep cursing down. It's not banned, but we'd rather not have people cursing every other word.

Unfortunately, Delta Ultra is still fairly new. We don't have anything except a cube that we call spawn (built by yours truly). Once we have some cool creations, they'll be posted here.

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