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[3.1.2] A free public tekkit server [PvP] [30 Slots] [NO items banned] (Almost) no rules


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A free public tekkit server

Some basic information about this server:

Server IP:

Server rules: There are two rules rule:

  1. Don't destroy the spawn please, I worked like 5 minutes on it!
  2. If you make the server lag, you can get a warning or even an (ip) ban! (PS: I barely ban people, but if I do, I never unban them!)

Uptime: It's hard to say when the server is online exactly, so you just have to check for yourself when the server is online.

Banned items: There are no banned or restricted items on this server. You are allowed to use anything!

Why did I create this server?

I just want to see what you get when you put a bench of tekkit players on single server with no rules.

Who is allowed on this server?

Anyone! As long as you have tekkit, you can join.

What does the server look like?

The server looks a little like this:


It's just a simple and small island. Try to make the best of it!

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